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Cees van Riel (and also internationally, Philips Sri-Lanka Phone Number invariably ends up in the higher regions). And of course the company wants to keep that status! So work on the reputation shop, also because the younger age groups are important in the ‘war for talent’. We had to catch up with good content and storytelling. But how do you effectively Sri-Lanka Phone Number use content to improve your (corporate) reputation? RepTrak Model Philips has a concrete benchmark in the form of Van Riel’s reputation model . The RepTrak model therefore formed the basis for the new content strategy. Seven dimensions together form the reputation: four Sri-Lanka Phone Number qualitative (the company as an employer, CSR/citizenship, leadership and governance, in other words how you do business as a company).

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Three quantitative building blocks Sri-Lanka Phone Number (products and services, performance and innovation). The RepTrak Model All these dimensions had to be given a place as subject in the content strategy. Of course adjusted by the reality of the day. Because in addition to the seven pillars, content also serves other purposes, such as support in the Sri-Lanka Phone Number customer journey, conversion and internal communication. Governance, for example, has become an important pillar for gaining people’s trust. Think of the tax structure, you better be honest about that these days. Freek further expanded the storytelling approach, in which the stories Sri-Lanka Phone Number about real people within Philips are central. Reputation makes people choose you; for example to come and work for you, to invest in you or to buy additional products. It triggers behavior, action.

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Thanks to a certain sentiment. So trust! But: content is Sri-Lanka Phone Number also difficult to quantify. If you use it for the sales funnel, okay. But reputation, how do you make that measurable? Freek: ‘Van Riel’s scientific model provides the substantiation. The seven pillars influence sentiment, which in turn influences behaviour. And a balance between these Sri-Lanka Phone Number seven pillars ultimately ensures a good reputation.’ Also read: Sharpen your content strategy: this is how you find & improve your best content Finding a balance between the 7 pillars In practice, this means that Freek is continuously looking for a balance between the seven subjects in Sri-Lanka Phone Number this model. ‘Based on the reputation model, we can see which reputation pillar we use to make the most impact on further improving our reputation with a certain target group.


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