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Want to make it clear that both WordPress and are completely free software. WordPress is the CMS or content manager in which you can install , a plugin also developed by Automattic that allows you to easily create an online store. Currently the leading ecommerce solution. And it is that 26% of all online stores sell online through this free plugin. *Article with updated content in 2021 Recommendation before installing WordPress and WooCommerce If you want to create an online store in WordPress with WooCommerce, I recommend that you do it using a good foundation.

What Do I Mean Well

To a web hosting provider that offers you a hosting plan optimized for this application, such as our Managed WordPress hosting . With it you will have dedicated resources, a CDN service to improve the speed of your website, as well as your own security measures and an SSL certificate to guarantee the safety of your visits. A professional Hosting offers Guatemala Phone Numbers you all the power and performance of a VPS Server, but you do not need technical knowledge to manage it. It will be as easy for you as any other web hosting plan . Find out what web hosting is and if we haven’t convinced you yet, here are 6 reasons to hire a professional hosting for your ecommerce ! Install WooCommerce.

Create Your Online Store

In WordPress To start selling online, it is not enough to just install WooCommerce in your WordPress, but it is also necessary to make some basic settings to start configuring your store. So, below we will see step by step how to install WooCommerce and the initial configuration of this plugin. The first thing you should do, in case you are starting from scratch, is to install WordPress. Once done, we will see how to download WooCommerce and configure it correctly step by step. Let’s start! 1st. Download the WooCommerce plugin WooCommerce is a free plugin that will allow you to create your own eCommerce store.

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