10 Little Lies Before Signing a Contract That Will Cause You Problems With a Client

When you put together a project, you do it with all the enthusiasm in the world. You have so much energy that there are moments when you feel like Superman. In the first meetings with potential clients you show more nerves than the first times you went out with your partner.

In this phase there may be a slight problem of bipolar disorder . I am the first to feel guilty in this regard. We have all been in good company French Business Fax List because it is also said of Steve Jobs that he sometimes lived in a world apart demanding superhuman efforts from his teams. Some entrepreneurs live in a parallel galaxy when talking to clients.

1 1. “We have already done this for other clients”
2 2. “We have a specialist in the company for this”
3 3. “No one beats us in price and quality”
4 4. “We have great flexibility when it comes to managing payments”
5 5. “Our clients appreciate the personal treatment with us”
6 6. “If it is necessary to shorten delivery times, we will make it possible”
7 7. “We like challenges”
8 8. “We have the capacity to take on new projects”
9 9. “It is a good idea to make changes on the fly”
10 10. “We collaborate with the best”

1. “we Have Already Done This for Other Clients”

We’ll see. You just started and this is your third real client. Customer demands are very different. It requires a lot of experience and a large number of projects until things repeat themselves. Having heard of a similar case is not the same as having done so.

2. “We have a specialist in the company for this”
But if you are 2 killed. In the end, you and your colleague end up being experts at everything. Your client is not stupid and can easily detect if you really dominate the field where you define yourself as a “reference” or simply sell smoke.

3. “No One Beats Us in Price and Quality”

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Same today yes. Tomorrow there will surely be another one that will be even cheaper than you. Despite the crisis, it is not sustainable to argue about the price. It is a battle you cannot win. The type of client you attract will run to the one who charges less than you can.

4. “We have great flexibility when it comes to managing payments”
This phrase is the best invitation for your client to delay payments until the last. In case of doubt, I would no longer provide any service without having received a prepayment. Unfortunately, in Spain, a good financial director is defined by his ability to extend payments to his suppliers to infinity. This has to change.

5. “our Clients Appreciate the Personal Treatment With Us”

Another deadly invitation. This phrase sounds great. You have the feeling that you will always be available for any questions you may have. To say that this is time consuming is an understatement. Obviously a close relationship is needed but you have to set the rules so as not to lose effectiveness.

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