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I was skeptical, because by taking out a Kazakhstan Phone Number separate subscription for everything. It becomes fragmented and I feel like I keep making (small) payments. In the Villamedia newsletter , Nick Kivits cites an article by tech and media journalist Simon Owens that confirms that feeling. The attractiveness of a Kazakhstan Phone Number collection platform as opposed to ‘micropayments’ according to Owens in the psychological aspect. According to him, a subscription that gives access to a wide range of articles feels a lot more valuable than an article that you purchase separately Kazakhstan Phone Number for a small amount. Even if you don’t even read a large part of the offer on such a platform. The chance that someone who buys individual items will pay for a subscription is smaller, according to Owens.

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Also read: Innovation in newspaper apps due to Kazakhstan Phone Number a changing revenue model I recognize that psychological aspect. I also rather pay for a Netflix subscription than for a single film. Moreover, I discover other offers on Kazakhstan Phone Number Netflix, which makes me stick around longer. Surely that is a more sustainable relationship than paying sporadically for a film at Pathé Thuis, for example. Is a collecting platform like Blendle not sustainable at all? The future of Blendle is uncertain with Kazakhstan Phone Number the departure of DPG Media. But that does not mean that the concept of a platform where you can read, watch or listen for an unlimited amount for a fixed fee cannot be a success.

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The question is whether such a Kazakhstan Phone Number concept is attractive enough for news media. For example, Storytel (where you read and listen to unlimited books) and Readly (where you read endless magazines) seem to be doing better at the moment. With these apps you don’t have a newsstand, but you do have a Kazakhstan Phone Number kind of ultramodern library in your pocket. At Readly, the reading time per magazine is closely monitored and the income is divided proportionally between the publishers. In the field of podcast subscriptions, the Danish startup Podimo is going to make an Kazakhstan Phone Number attempt in the Netherlands . Unlike the subscription models from Spotify, Apple and Friend of the Show where you can pay podcasters for exclusive episodes.


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