Attract Visitors to Your Blog With Guerrilla Marketing Tactics in Web 2.0

The most important thing in a blog is not what your hit counter shows. Instead of obsessing over traffic, you should focus on attracting readers. Despite this, the step prior to loyalty is capturing the user so that they land on your blog.

Don’t Just Look for Traffic but Think About Synergies

It is not so much about thinking about peaks in your Réunion B2B List Google Analytics statistics, but rather you have to be aware that growth at the audience level requires time, work and patience. If you are looking to attract visits in the style of guerrilla marketing, always do it by applying common sense:

Medium-long-term effects : don’t just look for a punctual effect that lasts a few days, but try to make the visits that come to you become a constant flow over a period of months or even years.
Visit Source Affinity – Don’t focus on capturing pointless visits. If the volume of potential traffic is not the same, do not waste time with attempts to reach the front page of .
Capturing valuable links : Although you don’t have to obsess over SEO, it doesn’t hurt to capture some powerful links. Some of the tactics presented have the double advantage that, in addition to providing visits, they also help you in the medium and long term with web positioning.
It adds value : if you are looking for results in the medium and long term, it always also adds value through the actions presented. Otherwise you will be classified as a spammer and the effects will be very limited.

7 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics to Get Visitors to Your Blog

Réunion B2B List
Réunion B2B List

Probably some of the tactics that I am going to present to you are already being applied without having the objective of attracting visits to your blog. As much of what I tell in this blog is common sense but we already know that this can sometimes cost us a little more in the application.

1. Newsjacking to cover new searches : Google typically doesn’t trust new blogs too much. Newsjacking can be especially useful for capturing visits from search engines when you haven’t been there for a long time. It is based on the fact that every day there are searches that did not exist yesterday. It can be related to news, events, gossip or other reasons. At first there is still no content related to it, so it is relatively easy to position yourself well by covering these topics as one of the first.

Newsjacking or How to Steal Traffic From and Elpais With a New Blog

2. Put external links to third-party blogs : do not be stingy with the links to the competition. This statement is valid especially if you are interested in those references giving you return visits to your own blog. Each link you put to another blog is notified to the author in the case of using a WordPress platform by mail with a Trackback . In your management panel you have the possibility to approve it just as you also do for comments. In this case, it would appear below the comments field, now called Pingback , which points to the website that has linked it. You’ve probably already seen it on some blogs. If you focus on posts that get a lot of attention you can capture a few daily views this way.

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