Aspects to Choose a Photo in Your Post That You May

Most bloggers don’t go to a lot of trouble when it comes to selecting a photo to go with a new post. A quick Google search, grab an existing image from some website and the problem is solved. Many are not aware that this could be the beginning of sticky issues in the future.

Legal Aspects: Do Not Risk That a Photo Will Cost

Although it may seem so at first glance, the contents Brazil WhatsApp Number on the Internet are protected by the rights of the authors. This means that even if they are accessible, they cannot be used without the consent of the person with the intellectual property. As you can see I have access to Fotolia ‘s image bank . I have permission to use the photos citing the source with the rights.

The risk of receiving a letter from a lawyer in Spain is still not perceived as very high. Although there are more and more cases, the word has not yet spread enough about the danger that many bloggers run when choosing photos that are not theirs.

Image Aspects: Photos Help You With the Branding of Your Blog

The quality of the photo has an unquestionable role when evaluating your content. We human beings do not work like machines and all our senses influence our perception of things. A professional image can build prior confidence to spend more time on an article. If then the content sucks, the photo cannot counteract a post that is poorly written or poor in ideas. An entry of average quality will always be subconsciously evaluated better than no photo (or low quality). There are little tricks that help a blogger present themselves better than they really are. Women also put on makeup and in general men don’t complain.

How to retouch photos, enhance them, apply effects, and put a transparent background to photos and images

Usability and design aspects: prevent your user from escaping

Photos are a key element of a blog. The brain is capable of processing images faster than text. Consequently, the photo is the first information we send to the reader. When choosing the photo you have to apply the concept of “chewing gum”. A “sticky” image prevents the user from escaping without having read and interacted with the content. Each moment that passes increases the probability that they will read the post, read it for a second and, in the best of cases, even spread it on their social networks and/or subscribe to the blog.

 Your Messages With the Power of Images

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In a perfect world, images convey and reinforce the ideas contained in the post. It is not easy at all because for this it would be necessary to create each photo yourself. Everything has its limitations and also when writing an article, the Pareto Principle of 80/20 must be applied. A blogger should not seek perfection. In this already fail other means.

Both videos and photos are capable of provoking certain emotions in us. Over time we try to protect ourselves from it so that we don’t fall into a deep depression every time we watch the news. My 18-month-old has not applied this self-protection yet.

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