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Get a live chat tool that allows for automatic replies. If you’ve been wondering whether you should implement. Chat tools on your website, wonder no more. Now is the perfect time to experiment with one of the most effective ways of reaching new customers. One ecommerce brand Belgium Phone Number in the health and fitness industry was able to capture 50% more leads by utilizing a live chat tool. Of Belgium Phone Number course, our go-to is the Sumo Live Chat tool: Screenshot showing the live chat function on Sumo But there are lots of other tools on the market that can help you to accomplish the same task.

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Tools like Olark, LiveChat, and SnapEngage can all help you to convert visitors into email subscribers. But the real magic happens in step 2. Belgium Phone Number word live chat automatic reply Remember that health and fitness ecommerce brand that I mentioned? Here’s the 19-word reply that helped them to capture 50% more leads: Screenshot showing a live chat conversation Genius. They used Belgium Phone Number the Sumo Live Chat tool to automatically send an email-capturing “away” message to any visitors that asked a question or started a conversation

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Meaning the tool captures leads while Belgium Phone Number you catch some z’s!. Even if the customer doesn’t have a product question and just wants a discount, your chat tool can handle that. Too, allowing you to reopen any conversation and provide the relevant information: Belgium Phone Number Screenshot showing a live chat conversation A good live chat tool will be a lead generation machine for you 24/7 (even at 4 am). Still not convinced that live chat tools are right for you? Smart Insights found that visitors who use live chat convert at roughly 8x the rate of non-chatting visitors.

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