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Liquor store Beer Cartel is an eCommerce Spain Phone Number  company founded in 2009. And they stock the largest range of craft beers in Australia, with over 1,100 Spain Phone Number  beers on offer. In 2017, Beer Cartel founder Richard Kelsey wanted to grow his business and Spain Phone Number  gave the company four specific challenges.

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Instead of copying and pasting the same types of content as every other business out there. Beer Cartel created something unique: the Australian Craft Beer Survey. Screenshot Spain Phone Number asked questions that helped Beer Cartel to understand the craft beer market. It opened up with some qualifying questions to help Beer Cartel understand their respondents. Asking for: Respondents age range Gender What types of alcoholic drinks they have consumed in the past 4 weeks

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Screenshot showing a quiz question “How Spain Phone Number  long ago did you first start drinking craft beer. Screenshot showing a quiz question. Next nce the survey was created. Beer Cartel had to get people to participate in the survey, which can be notoriously difficult. In the blog post launching the survey that you see above. Beer Cartel also offered other businesses direct contact with founder Richard

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