Are You Looking for Gold or Are You a Seller of Shovels?

Lately I spend a couple of minutes every day to see what people are saying about Quondos . There are some dedicated threads on blogger and webmaster forums that discuss the matter in depth. There is everything. Some say that he will be worth it and others that they make us give birth. Well, to be honest with me more than with Alex

There was someone who launched a phrase that caught my attention. “[…] this is like the gold rush, that those who became rich were the shovel sellers.” So I asked myself the question. Are we really shovel sellers? Well, if you think about it a bit, yes. It annoys you because the image you want to give is obviously not that. In the end, if I stay calm because in the days of the gold rush, the sellers of shovels never started to compete to see if their tools really served to discover treasures.

The Million Dollar Question Is: What Is the Shovel in My Business?

If you compare both positions Costa Rica B2B List it can sometimes be easier to sell shovels than to find gold. The million dollar question is: what the fuck is the shovel in my business? On many occasions the shovel is something completely different from what you may think at first. In the days of the gold rush you did not buy a tool but the hope of having a better life.

Coca-Cola does not sell a black and too sugary drink but pure happiness. His shovel is that it makes you feel better than before. Starbucks does not sell coffee that is too expensive, but comfort and a good time with friends consuming a product that pays fair prices to its suppliers. Apple does not sell high-tech products but lifestyle and comfort. Ax doesn’t sell deodorant but phone numbers of women who want to sleep with you. The shovel is a vehicle to sell something much more valuable than the simple functionality of the product or service.

How to Find the Shovel in Your Business?

Costa Rica B2B List
Costa Rica B2B List

There are many businesses where there is no shovel. I think they are less attractive markets because here you compete mainly on price. If your customers are only with you because you are 3 euros cheaper, you have no guarantee that tomorrow they will go with the competition because they have still managed to be cheaper than you.

I don’t know what your shovel is. That’s something you have to figure out for yourself. I know what Quondos is. It is not the illusion of getting rich. If the message was that it is easy to be successful on the Internet, we would be lying. I could not sleep with a clear conscience creating the feeling that by following our advice anyone can set up their own business in a few weeks and be their own boss. There are no miracles in this life, only hard and constant work. Some will make it but not all. The Quondos shovel is that you will have the confidence that everything is possible because you will have the tools and knowledge to achieve what you set out to do.

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