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don’t think too much and have extremely useless anchors. For small or medium websites having 1000 backlinks with 2% exact anchor text, i.e. 20 is reasonable. Otherwise, for big league websites that have 10K backlinks, it’s 2% which is 200 links with exact anchors. It’s quite unlikely. So make sure you have as many as the minimum number of exact anchor text links. Keep in mind that this is not a difficult rule to follow. This anchor text ratio works well for the majority. Refer to these anchor text percentages; combine it and test it with your SEO techniques. What is the anchor text ratio for new websites? Are there opportunities for startup

websites to hit by Google Pengui

Consider the new site that has a new link with the exact same keyword in the anchor text. For whatever reason, Google does not penalize you for one or COO Email List two links. It only happens if you overdo it. In the case of repeating the same thing, you will be taken. So what is the best practice for using anchor texts? Neil Patel suggests not overthinking anchor texts. Do not optimize your anchor texts. Let it be unoptimized and therefore natural. Here are some ideas for having your anchor texts strategic. #1 Stick to the topic Relevance is paramount in link building, which is what Google is looking for. This means

that the anchor text word or phrase should

COO Email List

closely match the subject of the embedded URL. Let’s say for example that you areasically, it’s about getting webmasters to post valuable content that attracts natural backlinks. Before the Penguin update, you’ll probably use exact match words in anchor texts. Without wanting to offend you. But now anchor texts are effective in informing Google of relevance between linked sites or pages. Think of your keyword as “Day center”. And 100% of your backlinks have the same as the anchor texts. How Google Penguin identifies that you have overoptimized anchor texts. Google will index your link profile and store it in its database. The real game then begins. It compares your link profile with the

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