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Trust The report presents the results of Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number research into the use of news among consumers. Reveals striking trends and developments. The most current topic: how much trust is there in the news? Interest is still high, but one thing is clear, to stay relevant. News brands and organizations must continue to actively address the Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number ways younger generations are consuming news. An important monitor, therefore, especially in times when online media use is so changeable under the influence of new. Rapidly Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number developing online platforms and the reliability of (traditional) news organizations and brands is regularly the subject of discussion. This year, too, interesting, but here and there a number of more worrying developments are emerging from the research.

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This article summarizes the most important findings Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number for you. News-tired In 2021 there will be another peak in the interest in news. During the corona time, we looked up online news sources en masse and online subscription sales shot Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number through the roof. 2022, however, will show a slight decrease. This brings news interest back to pre-pandemic levels. Among other things, the abundance of corona news is cited by users as a reason for their decreased interest. As is too much political news. It’s made some of us news-weary . Especially Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number young people up to the age of 35 say they have dropped out and actively avoid the news, but the increase in news avoiders is visible among all age groups, from 5% in 2020 to 8% now.

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Among the very youngest young Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number people (18-24 years), the group that says they are not very, or not at all interested in news has even grown from 10% to 20%. Interest news age group Digital News Report 2022 Local and International There Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number  is a lot of interest in local news among all age groups. International news, news about the coronavirus, crime and security and political news are also popular. Interest in the coronavirus has declined among young people . The reasons for reading news don’t vary widely, whether Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number you’re 18 or 88: learning new things comes first, and because it’s important and useful to yourself. Entertainment is also important for young people. Excess, unreliability and inaccessibility.


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