Among them clenbuterol which has caused food poisoning incidents

Among them, clenbuterol, which has caused food poisoning incidents internationally due to improper use, includes highly toxic species such as clenbuterol and albuterol. Therefore, the European Union banned clenbuterol for non-therapeutic use in 1996. Ractopamine a new type later developed by the American drugmaker Eli Lilly. Because of its low toxicity, it approved in the United States in 1999 and can added to feed.

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Therefore, the discussion on whether pork  containing clenbuterol ractopamine can imported  not because it highly toxic and needs to banned. It because a type of clenbuterol with lower toxicity, and a clenbuterol that approved the United States added to feed, there multiple international discussions on the tolerance standard of ractopamine residues. Other more toxic types less controversial in international discussions.

The for the management of  Administration for health risk assessment

In 2001, the manufacturer also filed an Kazakhstan Phone Number application for ractopamine inspection and registration in Taiwan, and began to conduct data review and other processes. However, due to the influence of the clenbuterol poisoning incident in China in 2006, the Chinese Agricultural Committee has put all types of ractopamine. Meat essence listed as a prohibited drug, and the inspection and registration review of ractopamine in Taiwan has also stopped.

Kazakhstan Phone Number

adopted the maximum residue tolerance standard of clenbuterol ractopamine, which became the international standard for the management of ractopamine. my country also announced in September 2012 to increase the allowable amount of ractopamine residues in beef, which 10ppb in beef muscle according to the CODEX standard. Viscera, and they consume a lot of pork, the Chinese government has not adopted international standards, including cattle viscera and pork. It not until 2019 that the Food and Drug Administration completed the “108-year Health Risk Assessment of Ractopamine Exposure to Meat”, which confirmed that under the “Codex Alimentarius Commission (CODEX)” standard, meat containing ractopamine not food safe for the general population. doubt.

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