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Commercial Continue reading below Please note that not all solutions will be quick or easy. Every website is different. Every technology stack is different. There are some companies where the SEO professional can access the CMS and update the canonical tag or title tag. Other times, they must submit a ticket, get approval in the development process. Imagine if the solution is not exactly what you wanted.

Since every development process is different, it’s important that. We learn what we can easily do within the system, what might take a little longer. And what things we can never fix and put off for another day. Show the web developer that you are considering their time and resources. Discussing Armenia whatsApp number list technical issues with the development team and showing them what. You want to do makes it easier for everyone to understand what’s feasible in the short term. Creating a document with the technical issues and the effort. It will take for the development team is another great way to prioritize what to fix first.

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Commercial Continue reading below The development team knows what it can and cannot do easily. Talk to them when you’re reviewing this document or. You could keep submitting a ticket for an issue that will never be resolved. Break down which problems are low effort, medium effort, high effort, or not possible at all. We can start educating them on what could have the biggest impact on our site. If image compression is the easiest thing to do for page speed compared to removing unused. CSS or Javascript, then we should absolutely prioritize image compression on our site.

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By letting the dev team fix things that take less time, not only will they appreciate it as it allows them to focus on their other projects, but we can even get more engagement to have more technical resources for SEO as we get started. to see improvements faster. Find out where to focus first for quick wins Commercial Continue reading below I usually like to remove a lot of the easier fruits early on, like cleaning up missing title tags, heading tags, or descriptions. These fixes are often much easier to do and start to inform the organization of all the updates we are making to the larger organization.

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Additionally, by fixing these content issues, we can begin to understand if there is something in our template or content creation process that is creating these technical issues. Perhaps the content or development team was never taught the importance of the H1 tag or other on-page heading tags for SEO. Instead of reacting to these issues, we can start being proactive and create guidelines about what is needed on these pages before they are published on our site. We don’t want to completely ignore long-term technical issues, as we know they can still hamper our website. But during these cross-departmental projects, it’s always nice to get a win early on. Commercial Continue reading below People want to see progress on their work and with SEO we know how long that can take sometimes.

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