Also Try to Learn and Work on Twitter and Pinteres

you think you should start a blog, then go ahead without worrying that millions of blogs are being created every day. Even if you are in high competition, you will find your audience. But, if you can record quality videos, you should also invest in YouTube. People’s interest is quickly shifting towards video and YouTube is the best place to start a video blog. 12. Your most actionable content promotion strategies you’ve admired with results in terms of organic traffic, social mentions, monetization or otherwise. The very first thing I do for BloggingJoy right now is create the much-needed content that my readers are asking for. I don’t mind

keyword competition etc. for it

The goal is to create this content (mostly tutorials), which will help a new blogger start their blog. For promotion, I mainly do outreach to bloggers. I personally ask my VP Safety Email List readers to take a look and share their comments and suggestions on this article. On top of that, I also try to capitalize on Facebook ads and guest blogging on similar niche blogs. 13. How to use social media at the heart of personal branding? How active are you on social media? I am not very active on social networks, except for

my Facebook group. I also try to learn

VP Safety Email List

and work on Twitter and Pinterest. You may be surprised to learn that I don’t have an Instagram account yet. But I am active on my Facebook group and a few others as I intend to answer people’s questions and issues they face. I enjoy solving problems in my professional career, and that’s what I’ve found by following these Facebook groups. 14. How do you plan to take BloggingJoy to the next level? What sources of monetization do you nurture? My only goal with BloggingJoy at the moment is to make it a perfect place for all new bloggers who want to start a blog on WordPress, understand how SEO

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