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This is a development that seems to be taking Ukraine Phone Number place especially in France. Also because conspiracy theories are more widely embrac in these countries. There are, however, noticeable differences between the Ukraine Phone Number generations. The way in which they shape their perception of reality. While older generations value the neutrality and objectivity of journalistic sources. Young people do not by definition Ukraine Phone Number see them as more valuable for forming insights. Recognizing their issues and understanding others than non-journalistic sources such as fiction, documentaries and conversations. More recognition in content creators? It is also clear that young people more often seek out (journalistic) content creators as a source of news.

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The enormous scaling up of the media Ukraine Phone Number offer, for example through online streaming services, the accessibility of social media and the possibility to easily create content yourself, has resulted in an unprecedented polyphony in terms of seating. Perhaps the fact that young people value non-traditional journalistic media forms is also Ukraine Phone Number relate to this? Many users may recognize themselves in these new voices and faces better than in the voices of traditional news organizations. Two tasks for news organizations An alarming development is that no less than 19% of young people indicate that they find it difficult Ukraine Phone Number to follow or understand the existing news offer, and as a result have dropped out.

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There is also work to be done for news Ukraine Phone Number organizations in this regard: investing in accessibility by removing barriers, for example by experimenting with new narrative forms for new online platforms. attention for media literacy training in all age groups. In addition to the government, news brands themselves must also feel responsible Ukraine Phone Number for educating their users. In recognizing professional journalistic sources, for example. This can be done by giving the user insight into the distinctive values ​​of journalistic reporting, and how professionalism and independence are achieved. After all, it is not only in our interest as news Ukraine Phone Number consumers to be able to navigate media wisely through the vast range of news and distinguish quality from false information. It is also essential for news brands, as well as for society as a whole.


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