About the Client Type “prepare Me a Proposal”

I believe that time is the most valuable thing we have. When we get older it seems that we have less and less. Partner, work and family are the blocks that occupy fixed spaces within our lives. In my case I have the daily post and go for a run that additionally require several hours per week. I do all this because I enjoy it, nobody forces me to do anything.

The Customer as the Most Important Source of Wasted Time

I don’t like to waste my time. I have discovered Cameroon WhatsApp Number mainly through the experience of setting up a start-up basic activities to perform the same tasks more effectively and efficiently . I usually say “no” quickly because it is the best way so that third parties are not losing it with me either.

At work, the biggest source of time wasters are customers. I am not referring to those who reject a proposal because it does not fit them. This is part of our day to day and in all businesses it is inevitable. Never take it personally. It is part of the reality of a start-up and of any company that deals with people directly.

The Day-to-day of the Entrepreneur With Clients Such

Cameroon WhatsApp Number
Cameroon WhatsApp Number

On Friday afternoon I was talking to an entrepreneurial friend who has just completed a year with his company. After having struggled a lot in this complicated time of the year, he was happy because he had gained new clients and achieved a good month of sales (which confirms that in August he can sell ). He also told me about a potential client (from a fairly large and well-known company) who wanted to take his first steps in the field in which he works. What he shared with me was something that I continue to experience in the first person practically every week:

Wow, complicated. He kept asking me questions without giving me details about what he had planned. In the end he told me “prepare me a proposal” without specifying why.

How to deal with clients who don’t know what they want

I didn’t really tell him what I thought at the time because I’ve been more negative with him than usual lately. I didn’t want to make him bitter on Friday. If you hear from a client and it really doesn’t matter how important and big it is, he tells you “prepare me a proposal” without giving you more details, start running and don’t waste any more time.

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