About bast shoes

You are behine the counter, I am weaving  shoes” – there is an obvious division of labor, when one is  in selling from the tray, and the other is doing what he should be doing – producing goods.

Laying out goods on a tray is Colombia Phone Numbers also the first promotion of goods to a large number of potential buyers, since the tray is locat in a crowd place (they say: “in a place with the right location”), this place is” because it already has regular customers, a sign and sells goods similar to our sandals.

Another way to develop the channel may not be for sale through the stationary tray of the shop, but with the help of portable trays of peddlers. Here were such travel merchants, moving from the village to graying and selling goods from the box.

Single Level Marketing Channel

It is obvious that the appearance of such merchants contributes to the growth of sales, since, in this way, an organiz channel is able to offer the product to a larger number of potential buyers.
And the more peddlers, or hawkers, the more sales? Yes and no!

It makes no sense for peddlers to walk in pairs and threes through the same villages, or it makes no sense to have  of the second and other shops is logical at a distance from the first, since they sell goods.

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Two-tier Marketing Channel

Well, thanks to the efforts of dealers, shoes are selling well, all participants in the marketing channel are satisfie. It’s time to take care of expanding production and think about entering other markets for products that are remotely located from existing dealers. Everything would be fine, and the well-established manufacturer-dealer scheme is conditionally applicable to regionally remote markets, but the newly emerging tasks are unsolvable for those who can only produce high-quality bast shoes. In the list of these tasks:

All this: you can organize carters and warehouses and shops yourself, but you will need a clerk and other not small expenses. And why all this, because the merchant Lapitin mentioned above already has in another city. The business of selling bast shoes is going so well that dealer shops have already been open by the merchant in 3 nearby cities, and all issues with the delivery of goods and its storage are solved by the merchant reliably and correctly. And in each shop there is already a hired clerk who manages the established manufacturer-dealer scheme is conditionally applicable to regionally

So, quite logically, the marketing channel has expandeto a large number of remote dealers, whose work is manage by a new intermediary of a different level.

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