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There is more budget, more work and more Albania Phone Number empathetic content for the customer. What can these developments mean for your B2B content marketing? And how do you effectively adapt your marketing strategy to it? In this article I discuss 5 trends and fresh insights for the coming year. In content marketing, your products and sales are Albania Phone Number  not central, but the wishes and interests of your target group. During the pandemic, companies have focused more and more on content marketing, according to the study by CMI. And with success. According to the respondents, the results achieved are in line with their goals. Result has  Albania Phone Numbermainly been achieved in creating brand awareness through content marketing, building credibility/trust (75%) and informing the public (70%).

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It is important that content marketing is Albania Phone Number about brand experience as well as customer experience. In short, do what your brand promises with empathy for your customers and with maximum conversion. It is of course important Albania Phone Number that you know your target group well before you work on your content strategy. Read here what else you can expect in the field of B2B content marketing this year. The pandemic reinforced the importance of our content marketing strategy. The commitment to content marketing is now Albania Phone Number companywide and there is increased collaboration between the sales and marketing team Source: B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights for 2022 A sound strategy can contribute to an effective way of working, even if the amount of work increases.

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Working strategically and Albania Phone Number structurally ensures a clear picture of all activities. As a B2B content marketer, it helps you get the results you want faster. In addition, the implementation of the team structure is very important. Investments in Albania Phone Number the well-being, talents and passions of team members can also significantly increase productivity. Think, for example, of creating a confidential corporate culture or a personal development Albania Phone Number budget. Also read: Attention B2B marketers: these will be the trends for 2022 3. More budget for content marketing 43% of respondents who are familiar with their company’s content marketing budget say their 2021 budget has increased compared to 2020.


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