A smarter List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu approach: content-rich experiences (bingeable)

An “in-session bingeable experience” offers visitors . Also, a set of related content choices. Just as people binge-watch TV shows, they consume content List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu online in a concentrated fashion when engaged. People don’t expect a marketing team to distribute content every two . Also, weeks; they snap in search of answers to their questions, follow their curiosity for long periods of time, never move from their seat. As Nick says:

Marketers need to adapt better to this natural behavior. ESPN understands. They’re not happy if I read one thing and disappear. They want to hold my attention. They aggregate and promote content that is more relevant to me mid-session. They do a lot of things to keep me engaged.

Like Netflix, ESPN essentially plays a matchmaker between its content and each viewer

Our job as B2B marketers is to List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu matchmaker the s. Also, ame way between our content and every prospect.

Bingeable (match-made-in-heaven) content provides “in-session content sequencing,” as shown in this example:
content sequencing

The left sidebar lists a set of content assets that . Also, users may want to select. For an overview of these content items, in their ranked order, users can click “next” in the promoter area on the right.

A set of content assets like this can be organized. Also, manually by marketers, much like you might create an iTunes playlist. Alternatively, the set can be dynamically created by artificial intelligence – machine learning algorithms – based on factors such as the relationship between. Also, content assets, data on how people have engaged with those assets content in the past, metadata, etc.

If the click that brought someone to that


List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu
List of Mobile Phone Numbers in Gansu

URL came from a $15 ad spend, “the return on that. Also, $15 is now much higher” because your content click-through ratio went from one to one, one to many. Your prospects have access to a whole set of content assets to explore, not just one item to download.

It’s intelligent content – including artificial intelligence. Also, built into the content system – that allows Netflix to guess which programs its customers would enjoy. Here are some recommendations from Netflix based on what it knew about Nick:


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