Reverse Psychology as a Secret Weapon for Your Marketing

We are like little children. If someone tells us that something is forbidden or gives us the feeling of wanting to tell us what to do, we want to oppose it. It’s almost a natural reaction.

Not everyone works the same obviously. Reverse psychology works for those who don’t like being told what to do. Send the opposite message to the target you have and you will get exactly what you want.

What Is Reverse Psychology Applied to Marketing?

In an extreme case, you could explain how to do Spain B2B List an anti-promotion of your product so that people end up buying it. There may be simpler cases than others. Let’s say you have a product on the US market that is more focused on a liberal audience. We could assume that more than 90% of our potential clients would vote for the Democratic Party rather than the Republican.

Who is the most hated figure of this group? 6 years ago the sure answer would have been George Bush. Imagine that this character says in public that your product is not good because it is not “ethically” correct or another reason that goes against the values ​​of your target audience. Surely it would sell like churros.

How to Apply Reverse Psychology to Change the Conversation

Spain B2B Contact List
Spain B2B Contact List

Just today I was lucky enough to find a tweet from Víctor Martín sharing a YouTube video. The creator is the Leo Burnett Worldwide agency . It shows how opinion was changed in one city to support a tax increase that could save an otherwise closed library. Instead of telling it, I prefer that you see it today. It’s hard for a video to keep my attention but this one has.

Manage support channels during a release

Twitter is one of the best channels to give an immediate response to questions and incidents from your customers. All the people signed up were already anxious for the whole day to access the contents of the platform. Alex kept answering emails. We had done a mailing in the morning to reduce the number of emails related to the exact time of opening and sending accesses.

When we launched the thing not much changed. The first cases of support arose because access had not arrived for the reasons mentioned. In all the pre-launch phases we had been able to verify that it is ideal to combine Twitter with email. Through a tweet, doubts could be answered in a much more agile way. In addition, Twitter allows group support if there are incidents that affect several people at the same time. Cases that require personal data must be dealt with by mail.


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