Do You Cook With a Recipe or Improvise?

I don’t cook too much. When I was a student I enjoyed doing it more but now it overwhelms me because I have the feeling that I could do other things that amuse me more. To understand why I am talking about cooking and recipes, you have to know the story behind this article.

Is It Good to Add Cinnamon to Lasagna?

It was my wife who inspired me Sudan B2B List to write this post. Frequent readers of this blog may remember my experiment of 226 hours without internet connection . We spent those vacation days with a friend couple that we met during my stay in Switzerland before coming to Spain.

We took turns almost every day cooking. She noticed an important difference between them and us in the way food was prepared. Every time we started cooking we did it with total improvisation. We always do it like this. Consequently, for example, we never get the same Chili con Carne, although in general it usually turns out well. We trust our experience, the mistakes made (eg I do not recommend the use of cinnamon for lasagna) and intuition.

Our friends, on the other hand, carried a fat book full of sheets with recipe notes that they used to make. Each step was as precise as a cut with a surgeon’s knife. If the recipe said that it had to be 200 grams of flour, you couldn’t miss a single one so as not to spoil the final result. We have a great time with them every time even though we are polar opposites in some ways. My wife and I are entrepreneurs. In the case of our friends, he works at Swisscom (Swiss Telephone) and she is doing a doctorate.

Entrepreneurship Is Like Cooking Without a Recipe

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If you are an entrepreneur, the recipes that have worked for third parties do not work for you. You don’t have the same ingredients to begin with. If you have tried to copy a recipe from a successful entrepreneur, you will also have realized that you even lack essential elements to prepare it. Maybe you lack the oven or yours does not reach the same temperature that is required to prepare the dish. In reality, undertaking is not cooking according to a plan that has already worked for a third party. It is unlikely that you will be able to replicate it because your product is different, your environment is different and you have not yet made enough mistakes.

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