Paying 200 Euros for a Post Is Expensive?

It depends. In Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries it is uncommon to pay so much for content. In the Anglo-Saxon world, a good copywriter (editor specializing in texts that sell) can ask for more than 1,000 euros for 1 post.

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The situation here is even worse. Spain WhatsApp Number List It is difficult to convince that content marketing can provide a competitive advantage for a company or person who takes it seriously.

1 What content marketing brings you and you still aren’t seeing it
2 Comparing the investment in a content of 200 euros with an Ad words campaign
3 Calculating the ROI of content after 12 months

Content Marketing Brings It to You and You Still Aren’t Seeing It

Spain WhatsApp Number List
Spain WhatsApp Number List

You have to sell and generate income. There is no time to wait and that is the problem of the vast majority. What is most urgent is what produces an immediate result. Spain WhatsApp Number List . The tasks that only generate a long-term benefit in the end are not carried out because there are always others with a higher priority.

Content marketing for many companies and individuals is perceived as an optional task. “It wouldn’t be bad to have a blog, but with everything that needs to be done, I can’t get there.” I understand you perfectly but if you don’t start you will never be able to benefit from the results.

Comparing the investment in a content of 200 euros with an Adwords campaign
Returning to the question of the post. Spain WhatsApp Number List . Is it expensive to pay 200 euros for a post? Let’s see, it’s not cheap but it all depends… The million dollar question is what spending so much on an item can bring you. If you spend that money the quality of the content has to be very good or even exceptional.

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