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I’m not a big fan of serif typefaces, like Pakistan Phone Number Times New Roman. I always use the sans-serif fonts, such as Helvetica or Tahoma. These have much less detail, are often thicker and therefore easier to read. Use a standard Pakistan Phone Number font to prevent an unknown font on another computer from being scrambled to Times New Roman and suddenly out of the slides. Stick to one font so as not to Pakistan Phone Number confuse the audience. Before your presentation, also test whether the people sitting at the back can read the text. I am amazed at how often I hear speakers during a presentation ask: ‘Can you read this?’

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Then you are too late, it looks clumsy and Pakistan Phone Number you seem unprepared. For virtual presentations, the font must be at least 36px in size, otherwise it will not be readable within Zoom or Teams on a regular laptop Pakistan Phone Number screen. I always recommend physical presentations at least 30px. tantalizing plates If I do make a slide deck, it is never with text but only with images. As Pakistan Phone Number humans, we are adapted to a visual world and depend on it for most. of the actions we perform in a day. From food to dating, from travel to being entertained. Our brain is therefore much better equipped to process images than text.

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According to MIT , your brain processes Pakistan Phone Number an image in 13 milliseconds. According to post-it maker 3M, this is 60,000 times faster than processing text. Images with an emotional response More and more often Pakistan Phone Number  I see people using images in their presentations. But often these images are very cliché. For teamwork, for example: an American stock photo where everyone is sitting Pakistan Phone Number at the table in suits with a Prodent smile. And for ‘innovation’ the well-known light bulb. The well-known light bulb I think it’s about emotion here. When you show an image, you want it to reinforce your message, clarify it and make it better remembered by the audience.


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