A Paid Directory as a Monetization Model for Your Blog

I started my first blogs when I was 25 years old in Switzerland. I have easily burned about 20 blogs going beyond what is allowe always trying the latest SEO “tricks” that I had read in the forums in which I moved. This blog is the one I’ve been using the longest (I just turned 3 in January) and the first in Spanish, given that in the others I wrote only in German.

My Beginnings With Blogs and Directories on the Dark Side of the Internet

In parallel to my activity as a blogger, I created Wallis and Futuna B2B List vertical directories together with my partners. It was a kind of specific yellow pages for hairdressers, electricians, psychologists, etc. We had easily assembled about 30 of the same style. Given that 30% of search engine visits back then (and it’s still the same today) were regional, we thought it was a good idea.

If you now consider that this is spam and that the main activity was focused on creating Made for Adsense type pagesI give you all the reason in the world. The curious thing is that these directories evolved over time as companies registered every day. After a couple of months they were even providing real value to the user, seeing that along with the ads there were more and more internal results that did not come from Google advertisers. Over time we decided to include a paid registration version for all those businesses that wanted to stand out from the rest and have even more visibility than Adsense ads. The surprise was that some companies began to be interested in this option and some even hired him. Our joy was only short-lived as Google detected that we were performing some Blackhat techniques.not allowed and our 30 directories went to hell.

How to create a paid vertical directory on a blog?
All this helped me a lot to learn my lessons and understand what really works in the long term. The directory idea was good but the execution maybe not so good. Today I would change little things and combine it with the world of blogs.

Target Audience and Value of Your Paid Directory

Wallis and Futuna Business Email List
Wallis and Futuna Business Email List

Before thinking about how to do it, you have to stop for a second to put yourself in the shoes of potential customers. It is very true that a directory could be a source of income, but if you are not clear about what it contributes, you will probably not get very far. Imagine that you have a blog that talks about beauty tips. In this case you could be an interesting site for hairdressers. Personal shoppers, spas, etc. and other types of related businesses seen that you can help them to be closer to people interested in their services. Including a link that points to the advertiser’s page would send them direct visits to their website. I would unfollow them so that Google doesn’t classify you as a link seller and penalize you for it.

3 Ways to Create a Professional Paid Blog Directory

I have not thoroughly investigated the “technical” realization and implementation of a directory as a section on your blog. Nor do I plan to create one in the short term. Lest someone easily find me a cable with the subject. You have different options to do it

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