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Only will this help you give your customers a deal without cutting too deep into your profit margin, it also helps you increase your average order value. You can get your customers to buy more than they were originally planning to. Let’s say you sell standing desks. You probably get a lot of customers looking to buy someone (or themselves) a standing desk for Christmas. But you know that standing for a long time can be a bit draining. So you also sell stools that match the standing desk, standing mats to help your customers feel less fatigued, matching filing cabinets

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A man using a standing desk Rather than giving a strict percent discount on your standing desks. You can offer all these items for less in your Christmas bundle! Peru Phone Number GameStop is a master of this. Screenshot showing a GameStop promotional banner Not sure what products to bundle? Here are two options. Create a bundle that makes sense. Accessories that go with a main product or refills for something consumable, for example. Combine your best sellers. Check your analytics to see your 2-5 best-selling products and put them all in one package.

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In this case, we have “gifts for dog lovers”. So I would literally call this article “50 Best Gifts For Dog Lovers (Satisfaction Guaranteed!)” Pro Tip: The reason I added the parentheses. (Satisfaction Guaranteed) is that this helps the meta title stand out in the search results, which has helped me get more clicks and bump up my rankings. Now create the article, being sure to follow SEO best practices. Include the keyword in the: Meta title and description Article title URL Image alt text A few times in the content itself Finally, once you publish the article, your work isn’t over.

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