A Detail Is Not Expensive but It Is Worth a Lot

It is the small gestures that make the difference. It is the look of your partner that has made you fall in love with him or her. I didn’t need to say much because with the “Hello” I already had you.

If in “real life” details are so important, why do we give them so little importance in the business world? Probably one explanation is that we do not see how it can help us to take our project or company to the next level.

The Impact of the Details on Your Users and Customers

Likewise, many are not aware of the positive effect Romania B2B List that details have on a potential or existing client. More than generating an impact, it is about leaving a mark.

Moment of happiness : users are used to bad treatment from large companies. They always expect the worst. If you give more than you have to do, complying with the essentials, you will generate a feeling of happiness and satisfaction of having made a good choice as your client and not from another person or company.
Viral potential : always when you manage to surprise through a small unexpected gesture you provoke a reaction. The moment of happiness is something that is shared with third parties. If it is a gift, many users usually share it through a photo on social networks, so you increase the dissemination of your small detail.
Better loyalty and retention : what makes the difference is remembered. Standing out from the rest of the competition increases the likelihood of customer retention. It is more complicated for him to go with the next one who has a better economic offer than you. Do not compete for the price, fight for the hearts of your customers and you will be invincible.

What Kind of Gestures and Details Generate Positive Emotions?

Romania B2B Contact List
Romania B2B Contact List

The million dollar question is how to leave a mark on your customers through small gestures that do not cost a lot of money. Despite not generating a significant negative impact at the cost level, the effort required to have small details should not be underestimated.

1. A small gift – We all like to receive small gifts. Even if your wife tells you that she no longer cares if you give her something for her birthday, she lies about her. Imagine the moment of happiness of someone who unexpectedly receives a small detail that makes their day.

2. A quick response : when you contact a company you do not typically expect them to respond immediately. Being agile and sending an email a few minutes or hours after receiving it says a lot about you. Even on weekends you should find a way to be there when your clients need your help.

3. Go beyond what was contracted : do not settle for giving a good service. You have to exceed expectations to really make an impact. Complying is not enough because that is the minimum they expect from you. Whenever you can, offer a better service than the contracted one and you will be close to the hearts of your clients.

A small detail does not have to cost a lot of money but it is worth a lot. Doesn’t mean it’s easy to get. It is even the opposite. In most cases it takes a lot of effort.

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