A Content Success Azerbaijan Phone Number Story: How FedEx Operations Now Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Redundancy, overlap, and a general lack of communication have prevented the right content marketers from delivering a better content experience to FedEx customers.

Drew Bailey wanted to change that when he took over the reins of content operations at the company. “My team’s job is facilitation,” says Azerbaijan Phone Number FedEx’s content strategy and custody manager. Clever problem solving, a clear strategic roadmap, and a few counter-intuitive steps helped Drew’s team begin to achieve this goal and earned him a nomination for Content Marketer of the Year 2017.

He’ll be the first to tell you that it’s still early days, but early results have the entire FedEx content team excited for what’s to come.

Troubleshoot content strategy issues with ABLE

Drew, an IT and project management transplant, had no shortage of areas for improvement as he explored his new surroundings in the Azerbaijan Phone Number world. Also, of content strategy. To transfer process and technology responsibilities from the content creators to the strategy and curation team, Drew spent a lot of time listening to wants and needs.

“It was never about creating more quality content,” he says. “It’s about connecting the dots for clients and letting content teams do more for them.”

To focus his efforts, Drew used the ABLE. Also, problem solving method to break down each problem one by one.

This phase includes a root cause

Azerbaijan Phone Number
Azerbaijan Phone Number

Analysis to uncover what is really. Also, contributing. Also, to a disjointed customer experience. For example, a customer received 13 non-FedEx emails each month. The team wanted to know why. By carefully evaluating people, processes, measurements, inputs. Also, and technology, they discovered small changes that could bring immediate improvement.
To build
Like most content teams, support requests. Also, come from multiple sources. During this phase, the content team needed to determine what should be accepted into the content development pipeline, how it would be reviewed, and which audience segments would be prioritized.

Groups now fill out content request forms, which include:

Goal of the project
Target customers
Customer-centric value proposition
Customer experience impact
Strategic adjustment



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