A Blog Is Not Monetized, It Is Valued

Internet is not a channel to earn money quickly. If this is what you are looking for, this blog will not be of great help to you. Miracles do not exist because in order to fulfill your dreams you will have to work, think and act in the long term. A blog is not much different. Don’t worry too much about monetization until you’ve put in months of work generating a minimum of 100-300 posts. Even these quantitative data are not very useful to know if it is a good time to start looking for an economic return on your activity as a blogger .

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1 Google begins to trust you over time
2 Creation of quality content as a consequence of publishing frequently
3 Converting visitors into readers is what adds value to a blog

Google Begins to Trust You Over Time

Google works Zimbabwe B2B List like a faucet . By default, no one is truste . In addition, you already know from experience that 99% of us at some point will cheat a little to go faster than allowed. The temptation is so high at the beginning that it practically cannot be avoide. If you notice that the first trick that has been shared in a forum has worked for you, you start to risk more and that is when you run the risk of being caught. When, after giving you the yellow card, Google gives you the red card, the party is over and all the work invested goes to waste for 20% more visits obtained during a short period. Not worth it. That is why a blog is usually better value at the time of sale if it has already been indexed by Google for several years.

Creation of quality content as a consequence of publishing frequently
With the frequency and quantity of posts published, the quality also improves. Those bloggers who argue that it is better to write few articles but that they are of quality do not take into account the factor of practice. Allowing yourself every once in a while to create an entry that doesn’t deserve the Nobel Prize is a way to improve blogging skills just like when a runner has days where he trains only 10 kilometers to prepare for a 42 kilometer marathon. Another relevant factor is that the blogger limits himself by being judge and accused of his own creations. Allow the visitor of your blog to rate your content because in the vast majority of cases a post that may seem weak to you may be liked by readers. If there are many entries positively valued by users in a blog, more value is obtained.

Converting Visitors Into Readers Is What Adds Value to a Blog

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The vast majority of beginning bloggers are obsesse with views. Instead of considering the personal blog project as slowly climbing Mount. Everest taking into account the times to adapt to the altitude , they see themselves more as a surfer who goes from wave to wave . It is true that the second case from an external point of view can be considere more “sexy”. When the mountaineer blogger has reached the top after a long time, he receives the deserved recognition instead. The surfer, on the other hand, still can’t find the perfect wave and leaves in frustration because he realizes that he was looking for something that doesn’t exist.

The most important thing to convert a visitor into a reader is not to generate an impact but to leave a mark . A strong blow is not enough because tomorrow we have forgotten the name of the blog in which we have read a post that we liked. It’s about reaching the same visitor multiple times and consistently creating a positive vibe. This is when you start to create expectations about future content creation. With this evolution you enter the field of user interaction with your “follow” content that gives you the maximum ROI. When your blog begins to have value, monetization is a consequence that arises naturally. You will realize that, for example, advertisers contact you because they are intereste  in appearing on your blog.

A blog is like a good wine. You need time to get the best of yourself. There are things you just can’t speed up. I have had to bury almost 50 web projects to accept. The fact that you have to work constantly and have a lot of patience. Do not settle for the few euros that the monetization of a blog gives you at the beginning.

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