7 Small Details That Will Help You Make a Good Impression in the Business World

The one with the best product does not always win. In the vast majority of cases it is enough that it is not noticeably worse than the competition. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put effort into developing your product. At the same time, you also shouldn’t wait until you have a perfect product to start selling. Looking for 100% is a waste of time because the relationship between effort and benefit is not worth it.

1. Ask if They Can Spend Time With You:

And not only if it is a cold call. Am I getting Iran B2B List you right, do you have 2 minutes? Yes, the answer is “no, but call me in 30 minutes” this person has obtained a commitment with you. It is for this reason that when they want to sell me something over the phone that I am not interested in, I say that they call me in 1 month because I will be traveling.

2. Arrive on time for a meeting : Nobody likes to wait. Waiting is a waste of time. Although depending on the city you live in, 5-15 minutes are tolerated, you should not have to start the meeting with an excuse for being late.

3. Keep meetings short – A meeting should not take more than 30-45 minutes. If you prepare it well, you “steal” less time from the person you are meeting with. Typically you calculate at least 1 hour so it is a surprise to finish earlier.

4. Do not send Powerpoint presentations : we have sent ours for months, not to say years. If someone asks you, it is almost a sure sign that in life they will not do it with you. Don’t send them. No one will look at them and it’s a waste of time.

5. Make a Summary of Meetings by Mail:

Iran Business Email List
Iran Business Email List

It is one of the tasks that gives me more laziness. In those that I consider really important I do it. A few hours later you have forgotten half of what was said. Imagine what you remember weeks later if you can’t find the notes.

6. Avoid intrusive communication : avoid aggressive communication such as mobile, Skype, Whatsapp or similar. Why? Because you can’t avoid it and you feel compelled to respond in the moment. You can use it if after several emails you have not received a response from the other person.

7. Paying an invoice ahead of time : Paying an invoice before it expires in other countries is absolutely normal. Every time it happens to me here in Spain, it gives me a very positive impression because in 95% of cases you have to make a claim to receive payment.

It’s the little details in relationships that make the difference. Take care of them to stand out from the competition and look good. Sympathy is the first step to selling.

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