7 Own Products and Services That You Can Sell if You Have a Blog That Is Read

According to an Overblog study, there are not many bloggers who start the adventure of their own blog with the main objective of getting an economic return on their activity. Even so, there are not a few who are interested in making money online, but the vast majority fail in the attempt. It is both false expectations and lack of knowledge that prevent a blog from becoming a source of personal or professional income:

Few Visits : Lack of Critical Mass of Traffic on the Blog.

Wrong Approach : Focus on getting visitors Kenya B2B List instead of readers. Lack of diversification : bet only on online advertising on the blog. Above all, the great convenience offered by monetization services through easy ad integration prevents bloggers .  Many cases from having to put in extra effort to find alternative sources of income. Especially the own products and services offer great potential for all those who have a blog that is read:

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1 1. Paid Directories
2 2. Pay per consultation
3 3. Training services
4 4. Paid E-books
5 5. Integrate an online store
6 6. Individual consulting
7 7. Exclusive content
1. Paid Directories
You can create a section on your blog in the form of a page. You can create a directory where you allow the appearance of companies against the payment of an annual fee. If you have a do-it-yourself blog. It may make sense for related businesses to appear on it for a small fee of 5-20 euros per year.

2. Pay per consultation
All blogs that start to receive a little attention receive daily or weekly inquiries from their readers. For many bloggers, there comes a time when you cannot dedicate as much attention as you would like to answer each of the questions individually. In this case it may make sense to implement a pay-per-view service. On the one hand, the blogger has to give priority to the questions that arise because he receives an economic incentive and the reader receives. a quality answer at a price that compensates him for not having invested his own time in the search for information.

3. Training Services

Kenya Business Email List
Kenya Business Email List


If you manage to write quality posts that add value to your readers, you are on a good path towards creating a community around your blog. The fact of getting loyal followers also means that you have managed to connect with the people who pass through your blog on a regular basis. Many will appreciate the fact of receiving direct training (face-to-face or online) complementing or repeating what they already find in text, video, presentation, etc. It also adds value because the blogger and trainer has to invest additional time in structuring the content, focusing on those points that he considers the most relevant. Additionally, there may be the possibility of solving specific doubts and obtaining an answer for an individual problem.

4. Paid e-books
It is common sense that saving time for a user is an added value. Many are willing to exchange money for hours invested in the search for the same information that a digital book in e-book format can provide . I have already mentioned on other occasions that a concept as basic as adding and summarizing is a simple way to make life easier for people who pass through our blog. Summarizing topics and putting existing posts in a logical order facilitates better understanding than randomly jumping from one post to another. the e-bookIt has the advantage of being able to take the information anywhere.

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