7 Lessons Learned About Undertaking Online Projects After the Launch of Quondos

The little trip with the family to Alicante has been worth it. Actually I didn’t come here to spend a couple of days of vacation. After Alex ‘s visit in Madrid 2 weeks ago, it was my turn to make the final preparations before pre-registering for Quondos . You never stop learning. With the experience gained before, during and after the opening, half a book could already be filled. There are many small details and anecdotes that make the difference and that make you aware that each project is different and you can never apply rules that apply to everything.

1 1. You have to take risks and fight for your idea
2 2. Between two people everything is easier
3 3. Details are essential
4 4. You need a partner for critical issues
5 5. Without lists you lose strength in the launch
6 6. Offer fast support
7 7. Prevent the web from crashing

1. You Have to Take Risks and Fight for Your Idea

If you have an idea, you just have to do it . When you collaborate or have partners it is important to find compromises. Sometimes you have to fight for your ideas. In the case of both Webery Day and Quondos, the initial projects were designed in a much more conservative way. On both occasions it has been worth opting for more risky proposals.

2. Between two people everything is easier
In the projects where I fight alone, the weight is much more important. With 2 people everything is easier. Tasks, income, risk are shared and the illusion of seeing an idea born from scratch is doubled. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your little dreams come true. It is a cliché but the sum of 1 + 1 always gives much more than 2. You have to experience it in the first person to realize it. They are my partners who make the difference. Without Alex Quondos it wouldn’t have been the same and not even half as fun.

3. Details are essential
In the case of Quondos there have been several. Among them is the image of Alex as a devil with wings and me as an angel with a devil’s tail. The opening post that exceeds 2,500 words has been another element that has helped make a difference. Even though I’ve been a blogger for 8 years, I’m still surprised by the power of the written word. The third point was the mention of a small motivational gift for the first 200 customers. It may seem silly but this meant that 5 minutes before launching there were already 40 people on the web, at peaks of more than 100 and on average about 50 during the first 2 hours after the publication of the registration form.

4. You Need a Partner for Critical Issues

Ecuador B2B Contact List
Ecuador B2B List

We have been lucky to have a partner for the payment issue that has given us exceptional support. Even 30 minutes before the launch Codeeta made us a hot fix to have everything ready 1 minute before 11:59 (announced opening time). The payment issue is one of those critical issues that has to work yes or yes. For this you have to have a partner that can give you impeccable support to solve problems in a matter of minutes.

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