7 Best Practices for Getting Twitter Followers Ethically With Twitter Feed

Surely you already know the quick tricks , such as following many people, hoping that some of them will respond with a follow back (they follow you for following them) or the other way around: automatically follow the people who follow you to keep them as followers , techniques that I personally find tremendously absurd because the people who follow everyone, do not read anyone .

1 Absurd recommendations to get more followers
2 Is it possible to increase your number of followers in an “ethical” way and with little effort?
3 Get quality followers automatically using Twitter feed
4 Increase the traffic of your blog, your Facebook page or any other site that has an RSS feed
5 Basic principles and best practices to be successful with Twitter feed
5.1 5 Fundamental principles that you must respect
5.2 7 Good practices that I advise you to be successful with Twitter feed
6 Points to improve Twitter feed

Absurd Recommendations to Get More Followers

However, despite the absurdity of this type of Argentina WhatsApp Number practice, many supposedly “serious” sources continue to recommend them, and let’s not talk about the tools to automate these tasks .

If you have been on Twitter for a while, it is enough to see the people with 5 or 10 thousand followers who start following you and who turn out to follow as many others or even more, people that I personally already directly discard for that simple fact , even at the expense of losing myself. some interesting timeline.

With tools like SocialBro it’s easy to look at hard numbers and see that the vast majority of people with more than several hundred followers fall into this category.

But what do you want me to tell you, I don’t like it, it seems to me that it distorts the spirit of this (and any other) social network, it turns it into something that shouldn’t be, a kind of hypocritical network in which people dedicate.

Is It Possible to Increase Your Number of Followers

 Argentina WhatsApp Number
Argentina WhatsApp Number

Of course, they usually entail work and dedication , the good practices that are usually recommend include things like taking care of the quality of the tweets, trying to be original , providing added value , making powerful titles with “copywriting” techniques , tweeting daily and several times throughout the day, look for prime time schedules , respond to tweets, use hashtags wisely , etc., etc., etc. All of them good advice, no doubt.

However, if you stick to these “authentic” practices to gain followers. But you don’t have any medium that already has a certain audience to help you boost your Twitter account, such as a blog.  You will also have verified that it doesn’t work . It is not easy to overcome even a moderate number of followers (>100), especially at the beginning, and that achieving it with these practices is really time consuming , a problem that is greatly aggravated when you have just created the account and start from 0 followers.

In that specific case, follow-back type practices may be justified on time to avoid . The initial bad impression (unjustified) created by having four followers and giving the initial push. But even so, it does not stop having an air of deception and of course arrived to. A few dozen followers. I would go the “legal” way of continuing to increase them.

The thing is that when I read about these topics. I get the impression that you have to choose between these two extremes . Between the virtuous side and the dark side. Because almost everyone focuses on these two strategies and spreads the same advice. A simple search on Google is enough to verify that the same recipes are repeate over and over again . As if there were no ways to grow your followers automatically, with quality and without effort.

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