5 Little Tricks to Get New Subscribers to Your Blog

At first glance you might think that the 2 channels of online marketing have little to do with each other. You have on the one hand the e-mail marketing that is accompanied by the negative association with spam. On the other hand we have the blogs that are currently experiencing a second wave of popularity. The most valuable thing in online marketing is qualified contacts. If you combine e-mail marketing with a blog, you can achieve it, although like everything in life, results do not come overnight.

Email Is the Most Intimate and Valuable

A user thinks 3 times before including his email in Laos B2B List a subscription form. It requires a lot of trust before a reader makes the decision to give you this personal data. Only through content creation does it continue without expecting anything in return and with some patience you create a database of people who subscribe to your blog.

When someone becomes a follower of your blog through email, you have achieved a very positive effect apart from trust. You do not depend on the Google diva who can change her opinion about your content every day and position you better or worse. Nor does someone who follows you on social networks have to be in front of their screen when you broadcast new content from your blog. You are now in the inbox. They don’t read you anyway, but they can make a conscious decision about it, given that they will see you yes or yes.

5 Little Tricks to Get New Subscribers to Your Blog

Laos Business Email List
Laos Business Email List

How to apply email marketing to your blog subscribers, The million dollar question is what it brings you to have subscribers in the blog apart from being more independent and increase visits. Apart from promoting your blog you can also use them to promote your products and services. Although email marketing and your blog can become friends, they can easily become enemies if you don’t do things the right way.

1. You have to be transparent : under no circumstances can you use the emails to make commercial shipments if you have not warned the user about it. You may have noticed that being a subscriber to this blog you have never received any mail from me that has been related to the posts in this blog.

2. You need a tool : to have statistics on the opening and clicks on your emails, you need sending tools such as Mailchimp or Aweweber. The first of both options is usually more popular since it is free of charge up to 2,000 contacts.

3. Don’t get caught with the legal aspects : one reason why I haven’t done anything of this kind on this blog is because the legal notice doesn’t include the proper terms of use for email marketing. If you want to get an idea of ​​what it has to include, take a look at the legal notice on the Ciudadano2cero . What are you afraid of? You also have to register the files you use with the data protection agency.

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