35+ definitions of South Africa Phone Number what quality in content means

Quality wins. But what does quality content really mean? How do marketers ensure they are creating something of high quality?

We asked Content Marketing World presenters how they define and produce great content.

I appreciate the simplicity of the answer (and intended grammatical error) from Velocity co-founder Doug Kessler: “Great content resonates with its audience. If not, it may be smart or beautiful or funny, but it’s not quality. »

Read on for 35 more explainers and tips to help you create great content for your brand from experts at Google, Microsoft, and REI as well as agencies, governments, and more. HAND -RELATED CONTENT : 57+ content tools, tips and examples to improve your writing

Answer 3 questions

Anything that adds value to the reader is quality content. It’s industry-driven, not mundane and trivial. It allows the reader to better understand a South Africa Phone Number subject in a way they may not have been aware of. To “ensure” quality content, put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask the following questions: Is it relevant? Is it educational? Does it add value?
Chuck Hester , Director of Client Services, Converge Consulting

Know your ‘competition’
Your real competition is buyer inertia, apathy and indifference. Great content leverages the pressing concerns of shoppers to break the ice of customer indifference and encourage deeper engagement – ​​with you.
Jonathan Kranz , Director, Kranz Communications
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Entertain, inform, renounce vanity

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Quality content appeals to the marketing target audience by being entertaining or useful. You can tell if your content is measuring up by measuring it against key performance indicators that demonstrate real business value (sales, brand enhancement, marketing effectiveness, increased leads, faster conversion time, etc. ). But beware of vanity metrics! Mere traffic or engagement in the form of likes and shares is nice but not enough.
Rebecca Lieb , Analyst and Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights
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Be transparent
Quality content is honest, clear and does not serve any hidden agenda. Audiences are smart and will see through content that pretends to be a thing but is actually a veiled attempt to generate transactions.

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