How to Post 30% More Than Blogs in Your Niche

On Saturday I was lucky enough to speak in front of more than 300 mom bloggers at a meeting organized by Yodona and Madresfera . I forgot that I was facing an audience that, due to the family situation, sleeps little and has very little time (despite living the same with a 2-year-old girl and a 7-week-old baby).

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It reminded me of something that I already knew Honduras B2B List in theory: presentations must be adapted to the audience. I almost got kicked out of the room for my lack of empathy in my advice. Well, I’ll tell you about that later…

How 300 mom bloggers almost kicked me out of the living room
Those who have participated in Saturday’s WeberyDay in Madrid will now say: “wait, but he was with us on the same day at the GarAJE facilities.” Certain. I messed around a bit with the dates thinking that the meeting for blogger moms was held on Friday. In the end I didn’t want to cancel 3 days before the event so I ran out of WeberyDay as soon as I finished my presentation.

Well, I’ll tell you the story of how I almost got kicked out of the room. I was invited to talk about SEO for blogs. Those who read me frequently already know my point of view on how to get a better ranking: publish frequently. With quantity comes quality and they will link to you without you having to ask for them. One of the questions that always comes up is the frequency of publication. My answer is usually: “post 20-30% more than the average in your niche”.

When I said this, the whole room began to shout in protest. It caught me totally by surprise because I’m not used to being contradicted so directly. What scared me the most was the idea of ​​pissing off so many women knowing the energy that mine can have when she is not too happy with me. Sure, now multiply this by 300. Shit…

5 Quick Tips to Publish 30% More Than the Blogs of Your Topic

Honduras Business Email List
Honduras Business Email List

I saved the slide summarizing my results after publishing a daily post during 2012 . The audience spoke back to me. I even dared to throw the phrase “hey, now I don’t hear you say anything.” The laughter of the beginning of the presentation returned. “Uff…” Thinking about it, it seems that he wanted to die throwing that joke. I was lucky.

Since the 20 minutes I had weren’t enough, I couldn’t detail the “how”. Nobody says it’s easy. It is quite a challenge to publish frequently. It is not about reaching a high publication volume from day one. You should go slowly. I share with you some ideas to publish posts that may require less time to write and publish.

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