This year, data management/analysis (50%) was the second priority in the survey. In a digital environment where data is becoming increasingly important, this is certainly plausible. By measuring success step-by-step, you can Having an about me page is a staple for the average entrepreneur. After all, almost every customer wants to know: Who is behind the company? Do I get a good feeling about someone? Can he or she be trusted? But what should you tell about yourself on your company website? (And what exactly isn’t?) The purpose of the about me page As an entrepreneur you want to attract new visitors to your website. So these are visitors who don’t know you yet.

There is still no trust other than the first impression your web design and photos give. But that’s not enough. As an entrepreneur you offer a service or product that solves someone’s problem. We want to have our problems solved by an expert. Someone who knows what he or she is talking about. That is why your website must tell you well: who you are, what you do and especially why people should be with you. You want to transfer expert status. 3 pitfalls With the purpose of an about me page in mind, I’ll first cover some common pitfalls. Pitfall 1.

Starting with irrelevant information Many about me pages start along the lines of ‘I live in Bergen op Zoom with my husband and 3 cats.’ Unless you’re a cat trainer, this obviously doesn’t underscore your expertise in any way. This information can possibly be added lower on the page, but it is not a strong entrant. Pitfall 2. Starting with the past Our tendency to write in chronological order also often causes us to start with a story about the hobby mode or start-up phase: ‘At the age of 12 I discovere and this hobby. Your story can certainly find a place lower down the page, but you prefer to start strong, such as ‘I’ve been working as Y for X years and have already .


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