In addition, 66% expect their content marketing budget to be higher by the end of 2022 compared to their 2021 budget. Respondents indicated in which areas of content marketing they expect their organizations to invest in 2022. The top four answers are: Videos (69%) Events (61%) Own media (57%) Paid media (55%) Virtual events and webinars delivered the best results in the past 12 months (58%). Investment in events is expected to increase in 2022. 25% say they expect to invest more in physical events, 39% in hybrid events and 33% in digital events. As part of your content marketing strategy, you can tell the story of your event through a variety of channels.

For example, with personal advertisements you can generate more website visitors and stimulate more clicks/social actions. Content Marketing Strategy Investments 4. Outsource work to specialists The research shows that the biggest challenge in outsourcing is finding partners with up-to-date expertise (65%). Of those who outsource at least one content marketing activity, 40% say budget issues have been a challenge. That was 51% last year. By using the budget efficiently, you can mean more for the content team. You can outsource more effectively if you have your basic conditions in order, such as a strategy for your content marketing, a tone of voice and established KPIs.

This way, a freelancer or external specialist knows immediately what needs to be done. It is also possible to outsource a specific assignment. Extra professionals in-house gives the team more speed and flexibility. B2B Outsourcing trend 2022 5. To measure is to know If you don’t measure your results, you don’t know what works and what doesn’t. It makes sense that not all content will resonate with your B2B audience. Therefore, keep a close eye on which content works well and which does not. In addition, changes around SEO or search algorithms (62%) have been top of mind at B2B organizations for 2 years.


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