11 Myths About Start-ups That You Should Know Before Starting

The world of start-ups is a fascinating world. Javier Casares said that “undertaking is shit” but you are an entrepreneur because you like to suffer as much as you enjoy when things go well. When you launch, you enjoy what you are doing like a small child. Many things are said about the world of start-ups. The vast majority of them are probably not entirely true without context.

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1 1. Without funding you cannot be successful
2 2. The CTO is the most important profile
3 3. The team is the most important
4 4. You have to hire as soon as possible
5 5. The more innovative the better
6 6. You have to think big
7 7. Investors want to see figures
8 8. Launching a start-up is like running a marathon
9 9. Sales are the most important
10 10. You have to follow a business plan
11 11. The idea is worth nothing

1. Without Funding You Cannot Be Successful

It took me a while to understand that if you need Burma B2B List financing to prove that your model works, you have a problem. An investor wants to see that you have already achieved this without his help. What he will be happy to finance is the growth of the company but not the assembly of the first pieces. You have to find the formula so that each additional euro invested can be converted into more. That’s it”.

2. The CTO is the most important profile
Do not get me wrong. Technical profiles are rightly important, and that’s exactly what can create problems. They tend to be trusted too much, so they start making development decisions that have an impact on the business without having the right knowledge in this field. The mistake is yours for not doing your tasks well by creating the necessary documentation. The CTO is not the most important profile but rather the team that is well coordinated.

3. The Team Is the Most Important

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Now you might think that the team is the most important thing for the success of a team. Ever since I heard Luis Martin Cabiedes speak at Webery Day, I realized that this is a myth. It is easy to understand. The best surgeons in the world will not be able to save a patient who is already dead. It is the business model that is the most important. If you hit the nail on the head, even a less talented team can become very successful.

4. You have to hire as soon as possible
Serious mistake. At first you have no idea what you are doing. The worst thing would be to hire someone now when you don’t know if you’re running in the right direction. Personnel management is one of the most complicated aspects of a start-up. It is very likely that you create a big problem because it is the first time in your life that you have to tell someone what to do. What you do need at the beginning is an accountant and the contact of a good lawyer. That’s what I’d settle for to begin with.

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