10 Basic Tools and Essential Skills of the Beginning Entrepreneur

I feel bad writing this post because it makes me even more aware of my limitations and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. In a start-up it seems that the product is the most important thing but in reality it is not. Obviously it has to be good enough, but perfection is not what generates recurring sales and builds customer loyalty. It’s the people and their skills in running a business.

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We live in an era where each of our steps Bahamas WhatsApp Number is accompanied by a tool. If this is not the case, I assure you that you are doing something wrong. It is not only about their availability but also about knowing how to use them.

1. Spreadsheet program and its elaboration : just yesterday I published a post about a code of conduct for the elaboration of Excels . I am not an expert in the use of spreadsheets but it makes you want to cry when you realize that sometimes there is not even the knowledge of how to perform a sum. If you are an entrepreneur you have to be an Excels tamer. Especially at the beginning you have to work on a plan to get an idea if what you have in mind has the potential to become a business. Mastering this tool is absolutely essential if you create a start-up.

2. Business email and knowing how to write emails : writing an email with impact is an art. Few people manage to summarize in a few words communicating efficiently through email. Many confuse precision with many words. Nobody reads an email of more than 5 sentences. We don’t have time for it. Writing an email and not dying trying is one of your challenges when you start. Anyone can exchange emails with their friends but in the business world there are other rules.

3. Basic Financial Knowledge and Accounting Program

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Bahamas WhatsApp Number

I confess that I am a lousy financier. The bad thing about a start-up is that just this skill is one of the most important. I have learned a lot through “sticks”. Even if you don’t like finance and accounting, you need some basic knowledge that goes beyond the difference between payments and expenses. Find a person from the beginning who complements you and can fulfill the essential tasks of accounting and financial planning.

4. CRM and knowing how to sell : your customers and information about potential customers are the most valuable thing your company has. You must treat this treasure as is. For sales management you need a tool that prevents income from escaping. When you hire people who have to sell with you, you need documented processes so that there are no doubts about the steps to follow. As an entrepreneur you will always be the best commercial of your company. You will probably never find one that can better sell you the company and its product.

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