10 Atypical Ideas to Differentiate Yourself From the Competition by Doing the Opposite

We start Monday with 10 quick ideas to stand out in our market. Especially in very competitive niches, it is key to differentiate yourself and stand out from the masses. Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List Your imagination is the limit when it comes to thinking and finding ways to get the attention of your target audience.

Ideas to differentiate Fotolia photo rights

1. Offer for free what others charge.

2. Limit the number of clients for your services.

3. Include the shipping cost in the product price.

4. Give a “geeky” or “funky” image in a conservative niche.

5. Remove features from your product when others add.

6. Post negative comments instead of hiding them.

7. Raise prices instead of lowering them.

8. Exclusively position an everyday product.

9. Collaborate with the competition instead of fighting them.

 Sell emotions and not functionalities.

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Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List

Instead of saturating you with a lot of content, today I have limited myself to throwing you some ideas to give your brain small impulses of creativity. Even if you’re at the beach I’ll pass you the ball so you can detail the points or complete the list with additional ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by doing the opposite of them.

What are your outlier ideas to differentiate yourself from the competition?

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